VPn and Internet Security

The technicalities of using a Virtual Private Network

VPn and Internet Security

From a technical perspective work almost all best VPN service using the same VPN techniques. It then proceeds to the protocol that the data be encrypted and the system by which the data over the internet. In practice, the standard OpenVPN, an open source protocol where different software for review. Other popular protocols are PPTP and IPSEC. The first is a somewhat outdated protocol that not much protection against eavesdropping, but very efficiently and widely supported. The second is primarily used for corporate networks and can handle different encryption systems, so that the data is reliable are encrypted. It is less suitable for home use.

We met with a number of providers the possibility to encrypt traffic double. Now it seems that not so practical, but it is an efficient way to prevent firewalls can detect that a VPN connection is built up. This is useful when an internet connection is limited due to a firewall or if there is reason to believe that the traffic is filtered, something that in some countries is used to prevent the entire internet.

The test

In our test we have made a selection of the most popular VPN providers. Because there are all kinds of reasons to use a VPN, we have during the selection having regard to VPN providers that support various protocols. In addition, they must have a minimum of servers in Netherlands and the United States, because these are the areas where most users to search. During the test we having regard to technical implementation, the software used, the simplicity of installation and of course security. Because most providers work with the same technology, we see there besides only small differences. Finally, we have the performance reviewed by a connection test via a normal internet connection and we are the data center to the total capacity by measuring using super fast internet connections.

Who is listening?

One of the main arguments to a VPN to use, is the fear that someone is watching with your transactions on the internet. Through all the revelations by WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden are people become aware of the possibilities of criminal investigation services and of course they try to protect themselves against it. Therefore screens all VPN providers logging’ with their ‘ no-policy, so that the Government can never see what data you’ve requested. That sounds nice, but what is actually being saved, of course, no one will see and you can not check. Therefore check the terms of use of the VPN connection. Here is usually described what the policy is when government services your information.


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