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How to get more Instagram Followers – Why buying is a great idea for your business

How to get more Instagram Followers - Why buying is a great idea for your business

They have more than 160,000 digital “follower”, are pioneers of square Mobile photography: André Krüger, Sebastian Timm and Simon are Fessler Hamburg’s “Instagrammer” of the first hour. They inspire many fans with their photos, which publish them with the popular app “Instagram”. What is her secret?

“Get a little bit over”, instructs Fessler his buddy Sebastian Timm (on Instagram under @S_Timmung to find). He calls “Time”, “now people come.” Both remain in their position. Pedestrians cross the field of view. Fessler looks at an angle on the screen of his iPhone, aligns the image to the colleagues.

The 25 year old like pictures with runaways. Park houses, small streets, roads, bridges. He positioned Timm at the upper level of a staircase, framed by two buildings. The piers are some hundred meters further on. It takes several minutes, until it is satisfied with its motif. “I value symmetry”, explained Fessler (available at @simonfessler). There are many users that buy instagram followers and this practice is becoming very useful for companies and big users that are looking to become famous on this social network.

More than 400 million people around the world use the Instagram app, upload daily million new photos. The hallmark is the square format. The success was so huge that Facebook paid $1 billion in 2012, to take over the company.

The app on the market came on October 6, 2010, four days later, André Krüger (@Bosch) had registered his account. Since then, he inspires more users than Stralsund has a population. 61,000 “Instagrammer” follow the 39 year old, which means that when you open the application on their smartphones, including Krueger’s images are displayed to them.

Krüger may offer photos, the “friction surface”. Ugly buildings and photos of coffee are his specialty. “Instagram promotes the ideal world”, he – says, delivers the equivalent of many of his photos. Highrise instead of sunrise.

Black lamps hanging close over the wooden tables. Small cacti stand in the middle. Krüger grabs a coffee packing in the shelf. He gently sets the pot and Cup. The dimly lit lighting is not optimal for a good photograph, but Kruger likes it buy instagram likes cheap. He often comes in the “less political” in the Hill to take pictures of his latest discoveries of coffee.

Krüger has found many like-minded people all over the world through the coffee photos. Discusses diligently in his paintings. What tastes like what kind? Krüger: “the Exchange over coffee is more important than to catch likes the pictures me.”

“Likes” are (user click on a heart, if you like an image) to the world of Instagram a hard currency. Reach brings coal. Companies pay lots of money to place their products in the photos or to be mentioned in the image description. Also Fessler, Timm and Krüger monetize some of their work.


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